At the Four Winds

Chapter 1

Conversation With Dad:


Another favorite dad quote:


Dad: When are you gonna find a woman to settle down with?
Me: I don’t know dad. It’s hard to find a good one. They’re all so messed up.
Dad: I hear ya son, but you seem to think a woman is just a cardboard cut-out in the Craig Kinsey stage play. They have desires too, and maybe you ain’t exactly what they envisioned when they were girls playin with their Ken and Barbie dream house!


Conversation With Dad:


I was helping my dad with some paperwork and I had to write down the date of his birth. I then noticed how old he was when I was born. I mentioned it to him and here is what he said:


ME: Damn dad, you were only 19 when you had me!


DAD: Oh I know son. It was fu#@in’ wonderful! (He raised his hands like he was addressing a crowd) Sorry ladies but no, I can’t come to your wild jacuzzi party. I have to go home to my wife and kid.



ME: Wow, I’m sorry dad.


DAD: It’s okay son, just finish your work